Junior Courses

Storm Junior Club (Year 3 & 4): 20th April – 20th July 2024

9:00am – 10:00am: BOOK HERE

This course will be introducing the basics of netball and discovering the game. We teach the participants about the rules through fun small sided games to educate and develop their understanding of the sport. As well as learning new skills, participants will also enhance their social growth through interactive gameplay.

-Sessions are 1hr and will include an introduction to matchplay within all sessions

Price: £80

Storm Junior Club (Year 5 & 6): 20th April – 20th July 2024

10:30am – 12:00pm: BOOK HERE

At this age we continue enforcing the basics and learning all aspects of the game. Our skill focused sessions will allow all participants to develop individual areas of the court to compliment their team synergy. This will include focuses on technical movement and decision making. We encourage the participants to explore all court positions through regular matchplay rotations.

– Sessions are 1hr 30 minutes with 45 minutes dedicated to conditioned matchplay

Price: £120

Autumn Term Courses (Year 3 & 4) - 16th September to the 16th December 2023 - excluding 28/10

Autumn Term Courses (Year 5 & 6) - 16th September to the 16th December 2023 - excluding 23/09 & 28/10



Check out the video for a taste of what to expect at a Surrey Storm Junior Camp

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