Surrey Storm offer a number of holiday camps and skills development courses to keep junior netball fans entertained and active.

Junior Holiday Camps

Learn to play the Storm way with 2 Superleague superstars!

Netball is hitting new heights, making big headlines and attracting more and more participants nationally. Surrey Storm has leapt at the chance to enhance that experience for all its members. Our exciting Camp Days are mapped with the Superleague/NPL Teams and Academy training programme.

Surrey Storm Junior Netball Camp (Year4-6)

Our Junior Netball Camps are the perfect opportunity for young athletes in School Years 4-6 to engage with the sport of netball. We believe that learning and having fun go hand in hand, and our camp is designed to provide players with a positive and enjoyable experience that encourages them to continue their netball journey. We understand that at this age children may have different levels of experience, skills and learning styles, and we tailor our coaching approach accordingly to ensure that everyone benefits.

Surrey Storm Development Camp (Year 7-9)

Our Development Camps are designed to be positive and engaging for netball athletes in School Years 7-9. Throughout the camp, our coaching team will provide a range of interactive sessions, focusing on developing the confidence, skills, and positional knowledge and then encourage players to put their skills into practice and enjoy the game of netball. Athletes will have the opportunity to learn from one another, share experiences, and form new friendships in a dynamic environment.

Surrey Storm Performance Camp (Year 8-9)

Our Performance Camps are aimed at club athletes in School Years 8-9 who have a sound knowledge of the game and regularly play matches. These athletes may be (or aspire to be) in a county or franchise pathway or similar level and are looking to improve their technical skills. The coaching team will cover aspects of both attacking and defensive situations within the day and look to challenge each player at their individual level in an encouraging environment so everyone grows their skills to take their game to the next level.

Surrey Storm Performance Workshop (Year 10-12: AM)
So you think you can throw and catch? This session will look at pass selection, release point and ball placement encouraging players to add variety and precision to their skill set. Players will be asked to demand more of themselves in physical strength, precision, and mental resilience.
Surrey Storm Performance Workshop (Year 10-12: PM)
So you think you can move? Varying the type and speed of movement can be a under-utilised skill in the heat of the game, so this session will encourage players to explore their on court movement, challenge themselves will new strategies, and widen their netballing repertoire.

Scroll down for the latest location and dates and to book online now. Please note that coaches are subject to change at late notice.

The Coaches are available for any Q & A, photos and autographs during the lunch hour or after the session.

Junior Storm Camps

Surrey Storm Festive Camp (Year 8-9)


10:30 – 16:30



Surrey Storm Festive Camp (Year 4-6)


10:30 – 16:30



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