Surrey Storm is committed to supporting the growth of netball within the local area.

We offer a wide range of coaching in schools, from curriculum, one off coaching sessions, preseason camps, and coach education. Storm offers the following programmes in schools:


net.set.storm is Surrey Storm’s infant and juniors schools netball programme. Our team of expert coaches know how to make netball or High Fives fun for kids. We teach them the basic skills they need to play the game, whilst creating a learning environment. They will learn the fundamentals of team sports, sharing, inclusion, decision making skills, and sportsmanship, in a safe playing environment.

What does your school get:

– Dedicated Storm approved coach to take a lead on your sessions.

– Storm approved session plans to help you understand how and why we teach the way we do.

– Teacher mentoring programme to improve your teacher’s knowledge, understanding and confidence to teach netball.

– A certificate for each child, which will represent the level of learning achieved.

– Signed Surrey Storm merchandise.

To enquire, please email:

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