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March 2, 2016 by Surrey Storm

Cookey previews Netball London Live

With three days to go until Netball London Live 2016, our friend Andy Lamb at BBC Radio caught up with Pamela Cookey to find out how preparation for the big game are going.

AL: Netball London Live this Saturday – looking forward to the game?
PC: London Live is one of the pinnacles of the season as it’s at the Copper box, it's the London derby and just a great event to be a part of. The atmosphere is just buzzing.
AL: Storm lead 2-0 at the event, do you go into the game any different knowing this?
PC: It's definitely not a game you go into easily as when you play Mavericks you know you're going to have a battle out there. It is going to be a hard fought game. because every time you go on court you want to get that win and hopefully we've done the work beforehand to put us in good stead. Its early days in the season but you still want to get that win
AL: Great to see the game has once again sold out another year?
PC: It’s amazing that we can get 3000 people plus (and sell out) a venue like this for a domestic netball game is phenomenal and just shows how far netball has come over the last couple of years. It’s great for the game, it’s great for the players and just great for more people being able to watch top level netball.
AL: How has Sophia been since joining this season and how much of an opposition will Mavericks be on Saturday?
PC: Sophia’s come in this season and she’s been awesome and come in really wanting to make her mark. We have all played Mavericks a number of times though with imports and movement of players you never really know from season to season what’s going to happen. Each game is different and we just need to best prepare ourselves to be the best that we can be.
AL: How are things in the Storm camp right now?
PC: When we click during play it’s just so effortless and so smooth and feels really good. Storm fans are so important and you can hear the voices and support its like that 8th player on court. I'm pleased where we are at this stage of the season, slowly growing and ready to peak in the final when we get there!
Listen to Pamela’s whole interview with Andy here below:

Tickets for Netball London Live 2016 are now sold out, but you can watch the whole game live on Sky Sports 5 from 5.30pm on Saturday. We will also have updates throughout the day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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