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May 13, 2016 by Surrey Storm

Greenway: “It’s an interesting time for women’s sport”

BBC Radio’s Andy Lamb spoke to an ecstatic Tamsin Greenway earlier this week to find out how she was feeling after the Grand Final win and her thoughts on the changes Down Under.

AL: Tamsin, we haven't spoken for a while, get up to much this weekend?
TG: (laughs) It was pretty average as far as weekends go Leicester winning the title and Surrey Storm going back-to-back champions .
AL: Has it sunk in yet?
TG: It was a different feeling to last year. Winning last year was a relief and something we'd wanted for so long, this year was the feeling of being content and really, really proud.
AL: You love to look at games afterwards, so have you seen the game back yet?
TG: I've watched it on Sky Sports and also the analysis tapes. I can’t not. The girls were winding me up because I sent them through the stats after the game and they were "I can't believe you’re doing that". I can't not watch it, I wanted to see how it played out especially with comments after the game I wanted to see for myself.
AL: How did you see Dan's comments?
TG: I think his comments have been taken a little bit out of proportion, as always when you say things after the game. He said in retrospect congratulations to Storm and that Thunder weren't great in the first half, which they weren't.
The comments about the last call of the game were fair in his eyes. It was a call missed but as far as I am concerned there was a reason they got back into the game in that last quarter and if we are going to go on calls all the way through the game there were just as many that could’ve gone our way that I feel were at crucial times.
Anything can be said in the heat of the moment but the reality is that anyone that saw that game – calls go one way or another when it's going at that intensity and when it's that close and matters so much. I think it took a bit of the shine off the fact that Storm were really really good on the day and deserved to see the game out and there’s always reasons teams get back into games.
AL: The strong start worked, was it Storm's dominance or were Thunder startled?
TG: As we sat down on the bench Kat [Ratnapala] said "I just want us to have a good start today" and I said it will make absolutely no difference the way we've played all year and I truly believed that because we've turned games around from poor starts as well.
Everybody talked about how poor Thunder were in the start but we were effective in what we did. Did I think it would work that well? No. Did I think we did some really good stuff in the first half that made them play like that for long periods in the first half ? Yes, I think we did.
AL: What was your best game of the season now it’s over?
TG: The semi final was a great buzz and you saw the relief on everyone’s faces. The relief and the opportunity to defend your title. I hate semi finals day – it's my worse day you saw the way we celebrated and jumped around and that was genuine.
AL: Changes in Australia see the league splitting, investment from NRL and AFL clubs. You've spent time in the ANZ how do you think this will affect things over there?
TG: I think it’s an interesting time for women's sport and women playing netball worldwide. The Australian league is great but what it will mean for the English league worries me a little bit. I'm happy that our league is looking to change a bit this year. I'm hoping we get some exciting franchises come out to add to the existing ones to really try and push netball forward.
We don’t want to keep losing our best players over there and we also want to gain some of their best players. I'm split about it, it's a fantastic opportunity for women worldwide but I would like to see our league go the same way and it would be amazing that our players wanted to stay and play in our league because it was up there with the best in the world.
AL: The leagues finished but things continue with U21 duties – how are things going?
TG: I've just been on a little road trip visiting the players. It's just preparation time now, we've got a year's run in now up until the World Youth Cup, there's a tour to Australia in the summer which will be fantastic.
I'm just really excited about working with the girls, they seem to be buzzing about Under 21's and so they should be it's a real honour to be involved in and I reckon it's going to be an exciting year
Click below to listen to Andy's full interview with Tamsin where they also talk further on Storm's successful back-to-back title winning season.


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