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June 6, 2015 by Surrey Storm

Lees in La Manga: Tans, Tipple and Tournament Time

The Storm girls are enjoying a well earned weekend in the sun at the La Manga Netball Sevens tournament in Spain, and we checked in with Georgia Lees as the netball action commenced.

Thursday 4th June

After a well needed sleep we were all up bright and early to get prime sun beds at the pool- we were lucky enough to have a free day so we spent it wisely topping up our tans! We started our morning with a lovely breakfast at the cafe opposite our hotel before heading down to the pool, where we stayed for the majority of the day. As the day went on more teams began to arrive, so it was nice to get to know some of them.

In the evening we had a welcome event for all the teams to attend, which was located at a champagne bar called Flutes – who according to Nai [Taylor] served the best coleslaw! Hannah [Reid] and I then did the draw to decide who will play who in tomorrow’s games. After that we were free to mingle with another teams and enjoy our evening.


@SurreyStorm @lamanganetball ???? @haitchare @georgialeesxo @KtHarris94 @amyhflanagan @kholland91 @Kattstorm @Noglett

— josie huckle (@josiehuckle) June 4, 2015

Friday 5th June

Today was the first day of matches! At 12pm we headed down to the shuttle buses at reception where all the teams were transferred to the courts via a very bumpy bus ride!  At the venue there were 4 netball courts and 3 football pitches, so plenty of action to watch throughout the day.


Day two starts…@surreystorm #ultimatetour

— La Manga Netball 7s (@lamanganetball) June 6, 2015

In the morning other teams had a chance to play against us in mini games and some actually gave us a run for our money, although I was in at shooter so that may be why! We then spent the day watching the tournament and even caught some of the Surrey Sports Park staff in action at the football. After the group stages were through we then found out which teams we would be playing for in the Cup tomorrow- I was quite pleased to be assigned to ‘Team Hardcore’!

After a tiring day at the courts we then came back to the pool where all of us had a nap to recharge our batteries for the pool party in the evening. The party was held at the Oasis Pool and was absolutely amazing, although a little too chilly for us to go for a dip! Instead we stayed on dry land and by the singing DJ! We then left the party at 12am to get some well needed sleep, although I’m sure some of the other teams will be feeling the effects of last night during the matches today!


A great first day of netball at @lamanganetball @LaMangaClub – here’s Storm playing in the opening exhibition matches

— Surrey Storm (@SurreyStorm) June 5, 2015

Surrey Storm are at the world famous La Manga Resort for the annual La Manga Netball Sevens tournament. If you fancy joining us next year, click here to visit their official website and register your interest now.

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