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May 30, 2022 by Samuel Lane

Storm finish the season on a win

The final game of the season for both Storm and Dragons would not disappoint the fans at Surrey Sports park. Only one goal separated these two teams when they last met at Celtic as the Surrey side stole the win in the final minute of the game.


Ready to apply pressure straight from the FCP Dragons would begin this matych up on fire as Rademan remains calm sinking her first shot of the game as Celtic utalise penilties quickly and transition up the court effeiciently.


Storm make good use of reseeting across the court and Parsons dazzling first feed into Peace for get Storm on the score board.


Celtic playing with high energy in the first half of the opening quarter as Greene-Noel using her body with quick feet around Peace allowing her to intercept and challenge ther Ugandan shooter on the long feeds into the circle.


Storm struggle in the defensive end as the home team wasn’t as man on as they could, Dragons saw this as an opportunity to send a clean ball into the circle without any defensive pressure.


Storm move too quickly down down court causing errors and Dragons punish them leading to a 5 – 11 lead in favour of Celtic.


At the 6 minute mark Kwangwa watched as the ball was fed into Rowe and took a clean interception from her to spark a momentum shift and run of goals for Storm.


A change in the defensive end for Storm meant Cooper off and Priest on at GK, Middleton shifts to GD and Kwangwa WD.


Roddy jumping into take from Peace with 1 minute to go but fails as Peace takes two hands to ball and secures another goal. Wells follows up taking 2 more within 45 seconds.


With 11 seconds to go, Dragons tried to take the ball to goal but was challenged by all levels of defense which caused a no goal for the GA. First quarter action ends with dragons in front leading 11-13.



Greene-noel with a tough assignment against the league leading scorer starts the ball rolling with challenging Peace on her first goal of the quarter which caused her to miss.


However, on the offensive end Dragons start the quarter off struggling. Trying to use the middle channel, Kwangwa looks into the court and cleanly jumps into the path of the ball intercepting and bringing down the court straight into the goal.


Storm tie it up after 2 minutes as Celtic are unable collectively come forward resulting in last second balls which lead to errors.


Short passes used within the circle to get the ball into the hands of Rademan to secure another goal making it 19-19.


Storm push forward in the second half of the quarter turning the ball over from Priest allowing the home side to go to goal. Peace leaves the circle allowing Wells to utalise the space to find the net and take the lead.


Greene-Noel trying to slow down the clock causing Storm to step up their game. Austin sending from half court straight to Peace to score in the last second of the quarter as Storm take the lead going into the half.



Dragons begin the third with quick 1 second balls going straight to goal. Roddy and Greene-Noel working hard defemnsively together to cause Wells to miss twice, both rebounds caught by Peace who secures the second chance opportunity.


Celtics double marking on Peace being ineffective as Wells id left free who takes advantage of the space and time. Turnover caused from Middleton with 5 min 20 seconds to go, Leighton is pulled up for obstruction and Storm extend a 10 goal lead.


Storm make a change as they switch back to their starting 7.


Jones takes a flying pass down court to take it to goal, Celtic adjust as the game starts to slip out of their hand clawing the deficit back to 6 goals in the final minutes 44 – 38.


Heading into the final quarter ther game felt firmly in control of the home side. But Celtic were not giving up as they find straight paths down to goal and swinging the ball across circle edge to feed Rademan inside.


With the pressure increasing Dragons cut down the lead to 4 forcing Storm to make some changes to regain composure. Magee switches out for Wells and Candappa replaces Austin.


Immediate injection into the game Candappa sends a ball straight into Peace with jaw dropping height. Magee and Candappa work it across the circle to gain a point advantage as Storm take a sigh of relief from the pressure of all 7 Dragon players down the court.


Leighton taking an intercept but gets denied due to causing a penalty against Parsons. Kwangwa tips away the ball causing a huge turnover that is greatly needed to give Storm the comfort room.


Leading by 5 with 1 minute to go Cooper steals away the ball and converts with Peace at the other end to give Storm a 6 goal victory against a relemntless Dragons side.


Final Score 58 – 52.

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