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March 14, 2023 by Samuel Lane

Storms unbeaten run comes to an end

The first quarter started off tight with the game going goal for goal to reach 6-6, before Storm went on a run of three unanswered goals. 

Olivia Tchine and Alicia Scholes sent the Copper Box crowd into early meltdown with amazing attacking turnovers and slick attacking play. The first quarter ended with the visitors edging it 12-14.

Pulse made no changes at the start of the second quarter and Tchine landed the first goal to begin to turn the tide.

Pulse made a number of strong turnovers with slick defensive pressure from Zara Everitt, Halimat Adio and Funmi Fadoju but they struggled to convert them and midway through the second, Storm has pushed their lead out to eight.

Storm were then called for an attacking contact and Pulse took it goal and with that, the momentum of the quarter shifted. Ash Dekker entered the court at WA and Pulse brought the deficit back to four at halftime as they broke at 23-27.

Whilst Storm had won the second quarter by two, the momentum shift continued into the third quarter.Pulse made no changes for the third quarter and quickly brought the scores level.

A flurry of activity started with a typically tenacious Fadoju turnover and Dekker played a perfectly weighted ball into Tchine to score – Leah Middleton was cautioned, and Pulse moved into the lead.

Strong defensive play from Pulse forced a number of mistakes from Storm including three second calls and balls lost off court. As the quarter drew to a close, Pulse had executed a ten-goal swing to go into the final quarter leading 40-34.

The final quarter once again saw no changes for Pulse and an immediate warning issued to Mikki Austin for delaying play. With the first few goals going Pulse’s way, Storm then found some momentum and brought the score from within eight to within four.

With six minutes to go it was not clear if Pulse would be able to withstand the pressure as Storm brought the score back to 44-43.  The final five minutes on court were tense and spicy with the crowd raising the Copper Box.

With four minutes left on the clock, Storm lost a centre pass and bodies were flying everywhere as all involved where working to take the win.  But it was Pulse that remained calm and collected as Jade Clarke threw a huge ball into Tchine which she converted and then Hali Adio pulled a massive intercept out of her pocket – pushing the Pulse lead out to five that would be enough to seal the win.

Match Report provided by London Pulse.

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