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January 27, 2022 by Samuel Lane

Surrey Storm Podcast – Catch up with Goal Keeper Alima Priest

Alima is returning to Storm for another season, and she knows how important this is.

“Pre-season games have been great to get new players in, get to see how we play as a team, and work together on court. It’s been really good fun”

“The pre-season against Stars was great as they’re the first game of the season so it was great to get to play them as being able to work together to combat them”

“Being part of a team, you have to get on with your other teammates, you have to want to play not only for yourself but also for them, Being at Storm for the last few years has encouraged me to reach my full potential, but it’s also made me want to play harder for the girls on the team I’m playing with, and the Storm franchise as well. ”

“Performance is one side of the game, but also having a culture and being able to create a culture that Mikki has done is hugely beneficial to the performance aspect as well. ”

The fans are back at the arena – what do you think about it?

“Oh, it’s huge.  We haven’t played with fans for the whole last season and so getting them back in last week for the preseason friendlies has been spectacular, it was amazing to feel what it was like to play for just a preseason match. It makes me excited for when we get going into the season’s games and I loved it and I can’t wait to see our fans back again.”

Peace has joined Storm I assume she’s settling in well.

“Ah, she’s amazing. absolutely love Peace and every one of the teammates do she brings so much she doesn’t just bring her knowledge and her expertise, but she’s got a real sense of calm and composure, which is just an incredible asset to have to the team.

Any Storm fan would say we’ve been outside the top four for too long – obviously something you’d agree with. so, any personal goals for the season?

“I think it’s important to take each game sort of as it comes.  I’m not too focused on the bigger picture now.  I think just taking small steps and trying to complete your tasks game to game will eventually get us to where we want to be long term. ”

“Fans are everything and the storm fans as well. We just love them so to be able to see them and have them behind us is a massive, massive benefit as well this season. “

The Surrey Storm Podcast with Mizuno returns for 2022 with the latest interviews direct from the club.

It can be found on all major podcast platforms and is also available where you can listen without downloading in your browser.

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