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April 24, 2015 by Surrey Storm

Preview: Flanagan hyped for Copper Box return

With one day to go until the big match, we catch up with Storm wing defence Amy Flanagan as she prepares for the Superleague Showdown.

Amy, along with the rest of the Storm squad, is more than familiar with the highs and lows of reaching a Grand Final. This time last year fans and players alike were suffering with the heartbreak of losing to a solitary goal in THAT game.

But the hunger to a win is stronger than ever. Does Amy believe that Storm can finally lift the trophy at the Copper Box Arena tomorrow?

SS: How does it feel to reach the Superleague Grand Final?
AF: Very exciting! We knew Yorkshire Jets would be a tough side to face in the semi-finals so I don’t think the team wanted to think about the Grand Final before that was out of the way. It’s great to have another chance at the title after last season.

SS: What will it take for Storm to win tomorrow?
AF: Composure across the court for the full 60 minutes. We have been playing really well but it’s the small errors that can make the difference between winning and losing the game. Everyone knows what is expected of them on court and sticking to these roles is vital.

SS: How much are you looking forward to visiting the Copper Box Arena after the success of Netball London Live last month?
AF: Lots, especially as it’ll have that London Derby feel-it’s a London Live rematch! The Copper Box is a world class arena and hosting the Grand Final there demonstrates the progress netball has made in the last few years.

SS: How confident are you that Storm can win on Saturday?
AF: I believe that if we play smartly and put into practice all the things we have worked on, we can pull off the win. However, the semi-finals have shown how unpredictable the league can be so I don’t think anyone will be overly confident of the result until the final whistle!

SS: Any special messages for your fans?
AF: Just to keep doing what you do best! It makes such a difference on court to have the fans behind you, especially in the Grand Final. Thank you for all the support, it’s been a phenomenal season.

SS: Do you have one final, motivational quote?
AF: It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

Look out for more player preview comments on Twitter throughout the morning on Saturday.

Surrey Storm will hit the Copper Box Arena for tomorrow’s Superleague Grand Final against Hertfordshire Mavericks. Watch live coverage on Sky Sports 4 from 6pm and follow updates throughout the day on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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